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Part 2 of our 4-part series on the U.S. Exploring Expedition, in which we talk about Wilkes's exploits in the Antarctic.

Episode music:

"Sea Space," by Emily A. Sprague

"Under Cover," by Wayne Jones

We made it to 25 episodes! In today's episode, part 1 of 4, we talk about the exploits of the U.S. Ex.Ex.


Episode 24: Giza

In which Maggie tells us about ancient Egypt. 

Post-production edit: Tutankhamen was 13 when he died; he became pharaoh at age 9.

Episode music: "Desert Caravan," by Aaron Kenny

We've had a hard time sticking to our production schedule because it's been a bit chaotic. But we're trying to get back on a roll. 

We also have a special guest today to talk about our word! This was our first attempt at remote interviewing. There's work to do but I think it turned out ok.

Episode 22: Tactics

In our episode today, we talk about dazzle ships, ships with brightly colored camouflage during World War I. Check out our show notes for more. 

Episode 21: Wren

In which we talk about birds and architects.

In which we talk about David Glasgow Farragut, Oliver Hazard Perry, and Matthew Calbraith Perry.

In which we talk about symbols of the United States. Find more show notes at our newly created website!

In which we apply Maggie's home science lesson to our word for the day! Maggie's lesson is taken from National Geographic's online encyclopedia, which you can read here.

In which we talk astronomy and ships and practice social distancing.

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